We have been awarded nearly £25,000 from the National Lottery Local Heritage Intuitive to carry out an Archaeological/ Historical investigation of the St Ives Estate. Two Archaeologists from Bradford University are leading this, Dr Angela Redmond and John Mc Ilwaine. Early investigations are very exciting showing people have lived and worked on the Estate for as long as 6000 years. We will keep you informed of developments as we come across them

Anyone with any historical information either factual or folklore please let us know however trivial it may seem...

roof Looking from the mansion roof for evidence of buildings with Dr Angela Redmond.
Jacobian Ancient building at the rear of the mansion. Does anyone know what the stone in the foreground is? Have you ever looked at the four spires on the Parish church tower in Bingley?
stone trough A strange anomaly by the picnic area, reputed to be an old stone sarcophagus--But is it? How old is this really? Does anyone know about this?
moor John Baxter and Bill Marshall looking at the so-called "Fairfax Entrenchment" What is the true story of this feature? Could this be Neolithic?