Geophysical Survey

Geophysicists from Bradford University led by Dr John Gater, using technology used on television's Time Team programme, carried out the painstaking electronic survey to create a subterranean view of a field on St Ives Estate. The survey has revealed a mysterious curved ditch with interruptions, part of what is known as the Fairfax Entrenchment. Whilst it is thought that General Fairfax may have had troops camped here, the now hard to see earth works that forms the entrenchment, probably dates from a much earlier time.

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Results Computer screen

Dr Angela Redmond, of Bradford University's archaeology department, has been working with the Friends of St Ives on the Estate for several months now collecting information. She say's "We understand from local legend, that during the Civil War, there was a camp on Harden Moor and General Fairfax stayed in Harden village" and that many of the skirmishes that actually took place weren't recorded. "We also understand, again through hearsay, that there were also a number of burials near the camp".