herb garden Woodbank 1 herb garden Woodbank 2

Photographs by Kath Gabbitas

Left hand picture, left to right
Pam Laking, Sue Foskett, Helen and Liz from Woodbank, Trisha Sykes, Susan Hart, Kath Gabbitas.

Right hand picture
Liz Fisher of Woodbank with some of the plants they provided.

FOSI is very grateful to Woodbank Nurseries for their generosity in sponsoring a bed in our History Garden. With help from our gardening volunteers, we held a planting day recently and despite the high temperatures managed to plant all the flowers and plants Woodbank had donated; which included, Pinks, Sweet Williams, Honeysuckles, Foxgloves, Lavenders, Fuschias and a beautiful Wisteria which will clamber beautifully over the 350 year old walls.

Liz Fisher from the Nursery, was very helpful with her advice on planting and aftercare.

These are some of the pictures that Kath Gabbitas has taken round the Herb Garden.

herb garden 9 herb garden 10
herb garden 11 herb garden 12
herb garden 13 herb garden 14
herb garden 15 herb garden 16
herb garden 1 herb garden 2
herb garden 3 herb garden 4
herb garden 5 herb garden 6
herb garden 7 herb garden 8