Behind mansion

Behind the mansion

Old maps imply that this may have been a way through at one time. Perhaps the main way in.

Coppice Pond

Coppice Pond is a man made lake formed by the Ferand family. It was established as a fishery by Bingley Angling Club in the early 1960’s under the former Bingley Urban District Council and is now controlled by Bradford Council. The fishing rights for Coppice Pond are leased to Bingley Angling Club, who pay a substantial sum of money for the privilege. Members of the public wishing to fish Coppice Pond and a good selection of other local sites controlled by Bingley Angling Club, must first obtain a yearbook, which lists the club waters. All the local angling shops have them, including W. H. Kershaw on Chapel Lane in Bingley. They also sell Day Tickets for some of these waters.


A young admirer & member with a 20lb+ mirror Carp

Another Fish Coppice pond holds plenty of mirror & common Carp (to over 20lb), Tench & Bream (to 5lb), Roach, Perch and Gudgeon giving plenty to entice the anglers of all ages. When anglers are fishing most of them are approachable (so we are informed) should you wish to ask for advice. It would be appreciated if dog owners could keep their dogs on leads and not allow them into the water as this disturbs the fish - and the local fishermen. The theory of approachable fishermen may no longer apply when this happens and keeping ones distance could be advisable!

F.O.S.I. are pleased to have Bingley Angling Club members on the committee and their views are always welcome, as is their contribution to the events already held in St Ives. They have an interest in the future of the estate as a whole, not only the improvements that need to be made to Coppice Pond.

For more information about Bingley Angling Club, see their WEB site via our links page Click Here

Over the past few months a lot of planning has been taking place for the Wren Challenge bid and the improvements this brings to and around Coppice Pond, this has included consultation with the environment agency. This year will see the fruition of this work, with the worn pathways and eroded banking around the pond being repaired or improved, the lack of vegetation both on land and in the pond will also be addressed. This could mean temporary short-term fencing and path closures to enable the work to be carried out and for the vegetation to establish itself once again. We are sure the disruption will be worthwhile and benefit not just anglers, walkers and the public but the local wildlife too. Your co-operation during these improvements will be much appreciated and updates will be made in newsletters to come.



Aire Valley Archery club has been based at St Ives since 1973. They are a target archery club with over 120 members. The club shoot the three main styles of bow: Recurve, Compound and Traditional (Longbow and Barebow). Beginners courses are run once a year and also "have a go days" are organised. For more information please see the web site via the link.

Photographs by Keith Riley