Title based on a photograph by Kath Gabbitas

Here are a few of the less recent things that have been on our front page as news items:

Saturday 27thOctober 2012 - bulb planting
jubilee award
bulb planters

In 1875 the dowager Lady Blantyre, mother to the second wife of W B Ferrand died. The rock that she liked to sit under had the memorial placed under it that we can still see. This site has a special feature at Lady Blantyre's rock, click this link for more details. In 1878, W B Ferrand and his wife had snow drops planted near the rock in memory of the old lady.

main bulb planters

134 years later, nothing remains of these flowers, so the Friends of St Ives has, with the aid of a grant from the Queen's Jubilee has been planting some more, which hopefully will flower next year to mark 135 years since the first flowers were planted. Our picture above shows the planting party and the picture to the left shows the main work team.

Photographs by Kath Gabbitas

Sunday 7thOctober 2012 - the fungus walk
Bob tells us about them

This was a day to look forward to. Bob Taylor gave his annual fungi walk. The weather was good so we walked round Coppice pond, then round by the Keighley Road lodge, through the woods on the bottom path then up to the picnic tables; across the road from the cafe. On the way, we would all find samples and Bob would tell us about them, without even looking at his book!

The finds

Upon reaching the picnic table, we spread out our samples and Bob gave us more information about them. Many thanks to Bob for a very enjoyable walk.

Green flag back again
Green Flag 2012 After a year in which we failed to win the Green Flag Award, we were very pleased to get it back again this year.

Photographs by Kath Gabbitas

Work on the herb garden
Beckfoot pupils help with garden All the heavy rain that we have had this year has helped the weeds to grow in the new herb garden. We were therefore delighted when pupils from Beckfoot came to give us a hand at sorting it out.

Photographs by Kath Gabbitas

Herb quiz
angelica close up angelica
No prizes for identification but if you need a clue: cake decorators use it. This is one of the herbs that seem to thrive in the new garden.

Photographs by Kath Gabbitas

Woodland walk
tree on walk horse chesnut candle
On the evening of Thursday 24th May, Colin Whitfield lead one of his highly successful woodland walks. It was an informal walk among the trees, with Colin explaining some of features about the different trees. Of particular interest were his explanations of some of the problems that the different species suffer as they age.

Photographs by Kath Gabbitas

First meeting in new visitor centre
first meeting at new venue fire
On Wednesday 16th May, the Friends of St Ives held their first meeting in the new visitor centre.

Queen's Diamond Jubilee Fund award for St Ives
jubilee award We are pleased to announce that the Queen's Diamond Jubilee Fund, managed by Bradford District Community Fund, have awarded Friends of St Ives a sum to enable the purchase of bulbs. We will be buying some daffodils for on the top side of Coppice Pond and some snow drops for planting near Lady Blantyre's Rock. There are records that show that snow drops were planted here by the Ferrand family in 1878.

Yorkshire Building Society help us with the new visitor centre
At work Help team

Photographs by Kath Gabbitas

The friends of St Ives have been restoring 2 rooms in the old Coach House at St Ives for some time now for them to be used as an Information/Education Centre. We are really grateful now that volunteers from the Yorkshire Building Society have come to put the finishing touches to these rooms by painting them using appropriate heritage colours. The rooms have been the subject of extensive restoration using original methods and materials. St Ives is an Estate of great Historical interest and we want visitors who enter the Centre to get a feeling of St Ives past. The Range has also been fully restored now and was lit for the first time in 80 or 90 years today. We intend to hold cookery demonstrations and classes using the Range, (once we have learnt how to use it ourselves!), creating old Yorkshire dishes from the past. The Centre will be available for use for schools, local groups and craftspeople and the Information Centre will be open to the public with displays and exhibitions relating to the history and flora/fauna of St Ives. We really appreciate the volunteers from Yorkshire Building Society helping to finally finish creating the Centre which will be a real asset to the local community for many years to come.

Bradford park wardens
wardens + Storm Two of the Bradford Parks wardens take a short break with Storm (left).

The Council's Neighbourhood Service has changed in 2012 with new frontline services joining the team. Park Rangers, Civil Enforcement Officers and Neighbourhood Wardens have combined their skills under the single umbrella of Council Wardens. The Street Cleaning Service has also joined the Team. The new team will now be much more responsive to the needs of different neighbourhoods and will provide a better, more coordinated and flexible service.

Photograph by Kath Gabbitas