Here are some of the pictures taken when our new visitor centre was opened

Saturday 6thOctober 2012 - the big day

The big event was the official opening of the new visitor centre and herb garden. The guest of honour was Michael Ferrand, head of the family that owned St Ives from 1636 to 1928 and built most of the estate that we see today. The deputy lord mayor and deputy lady mayoress of Bradford introduced Michael, who gave a short speech before cutting the ribbon to the new centre and unveiling a brass plaque to commemorate the occasion. Michael Ferrand was accompanied by his wife Ariele and daughter Victoria. We were also very pleased to welcome David Ferrand, his wife Bettine and daughter Flora. The work on the centre and herb garden was financed by part of a large grant from WREN (a non-profit making Environmental Body that distributes Landfill Tax Credits), so we were particularly pleased that Peter Cox, the managing director of WREN, was able to attend our opening.

Opening group

In the golf club before the opening. From left to right:
John Rhodes - Secretary to Friends of St Ives
David Ferrand
Kath Gabbitas - Membership secretary to Friends of St Ives
Peter Cox - Managing Director of WREN
Pam Laking - Chair to Friends of St Ives
Mike Gibbons - Deputy Lord Mayor of Bradford
Liz Sharp - Deputy Lady Mayoress of Bradford
Michael Ferrand - Guest of honour
Susan Hart - Treasurer to Friends of St Ives

Photograph by Kath Gabbitas

Opening group 2

Inside the new centre. From left to right:
Bettine Ferrand
Daughter Flora
David Ferrand
Ariele Ferrand
Daughter Victoria
Michael Ferrand
Mike Gibbons - Deputy Lord Mayor of Bradford
Liz Sharp - Deputy Lady Mayoress of Bradford

Photograph by Kath Gabbitas

Michael cuts the ribbon

Michael Ferrand cuts the ribbon to open the new centre.

Photograph by Kath Gabbitas

Commemoritive plaque unveiled

Michael Ferrand uncovers the commemorative plaque on the wall of the new centre.

David signes book Deputy mayor signes book
Deputy mayoress signes book

Guests signing the visitor book in the new visitor centre. Top left: David Ferrand, top right: Deputy Lord Mayor of Bradford Mike Gibbons, left: Deputy Mayoress of Bradford Liz Sharp.

Photographs by Kath Gabbitas