Here is our most recent news:

The trees have been funded by Bingley Town Council and we will be planting 10 x crab apple, 10 x rowan, 10 x wild cherry, 10 x alder buckthorn, 10 x dog rose, and 10 x spindle. These species have been chosen for their blossom and eventual fruits providing colour for people and habitat for wildlife including insect pollinators. You can see some of the blossom/berries on the poster. The crab apple, wild cherry, and rowan are ‘standards’ therefore we need volunteers who are happy to dig a hole big enough for their roots. The dog rose and spindle will need less effort but many hands makes light work! Or you can simply come along, speak to our tree expert and offer moral support to the planting team.

The planting day will commence at 10am, meeting in the bottom car park below Betty’s Wood, and you are welcome to stay as long as you like. Please bring your own spade and wrap up warm with several layers. Sturdy footwear is advisable as the terrain is uneven, bring gardening gloves if you have them (we have gloves if required), and perhaps pack some food and a hot drink.

Further planting days for 14,500 trees (whips) will take place later in January. Your help will make a massive difference to the establishment of Betty’s Wood.

The Discoverey Volunteers team from Santander has just spent a day at St Ives erecting Bird boxes in some of the trees at St Ives.


The boxes are made of a new material called Woodcrete and they are  guaranteed to last for 25 years which is a great saving for us long term. They are also supposed to retain warmth in the winter and stay cooler in the summer. Both good for the birds who we hope will be inhabiting them. Santander also donated £250 towards the cost of these.

They were a very friendly, hardworking group who stayed positive through a day of cold, rain and fog until all fifteen boxes were fitted in the trees.

We are very grateful for all their help and also for the generous donation towards their cost.

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