Baildon's potted meat stick You may wonder why we digress to tell you about something that lies away from St Ives. The fountain was erected by Frances Amphlett (nee Ferrand), in memory of her mother Frances Ferrand who was the widow of Edward Ferrand of the old St Ives; now called Harden Grange. So there is the connection.

The fountain was first placed in the centre of Baildon in 1862. According to contemporary news reports, the monument stood in the middle of Baildon for about a century but the road reorganisation and development was needed and at that time, the council thought that it would cost about £ 150 to destroy the monument but £ 400 to move it. Eventually it was agreed that the fountain would be removed but replaced as soon as funds would permit (nothing changes). Alas this never happened and about twenty years later, it was found damaged and in pieces, on waste land, at the other side of Bradford. The Bradford Council and money left to the village many years earlier paid to have the monument re-erected in October 1986, not far from the original site.

The nick name of "Potted Meat Stick" is believed to come from the colour of the pink granite part of the column.