As you leave the Estate via the main drive, you will pass the chidrens’ play area on your left. Just after this and on your right is a stone plaque and steps down into the woods. The steps are known as the minster steps and recall a bit of recent history. Back in 1984 there was a big fire at York Minster. The renovation team put out an appeal for oak timber, to carry out a huge reconstruction project. Bradford Met’ Council responded to the appeal by donating the big oak tree on St Ives. Felling the giant tree was not straight forward. Too far in on direction would destroy the road. Too far the other way and the entire tree would plunge down the hill into the woods. Fortunately John Baxter, a forester working for the council (second photograph) was able to fell the tree just where it was required.

Over the years there have been several attempts to mark the spot where the tree came from but each time the plaque was stolen by metal thieves. The latest attempt is a stone marker, made by Kershaw's Hand Carved Stone. With the help of funding from Get Out More – Forest Schools (thanks to Annie Berrington), a stone was placed to mark the spot. The stone was placed on 4th December 2015.

The first newspaper extract probably came from the "Telegraph and Argus", the second came from the "Target".

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