Lulworth castle - home of the Weld family

As a prelude, I would repeat the story that is already told on Michael Ferrand's web page. To sum up: Caroline was the seventh child of Sarah Ferrand and married Captain Crispin. Captain Crispin was master of the royal yacht under queen Victoria. Regrettably, whilst giving birth to twin daughters, Caroline died. Upon hearing this news, Queen Victoria, quite understandably, was very distressed and wanted to help but as head of the Protestant Church, she could not adopt the twins who were Catholic. Instead, Albert and Victoria sponsored the children who were Christened at West Lulworth. Albert and Victoria gave the children two large christening cups, one of which is now in the possession of Michael Ferrand. The girls were named Victoria and Albertine

Based upon work supplied to us by Brenda Graham
The private catholic chapel at Lulworth castle owned by the Weld family
Private Catholic chaple in Lulworth It was not until 1791 that Catholics were legally allowed to worship in public. The Weld family of Lulworth Castle were Roman Catholics and had a private Chapel inside the castle. In 1786 Thomas Weld engaged the architect John Tasker to build the present Chapel in the grounds. King George III gave his permission 'to build a mausoleum and you may furnish it inside as you wish.' The Chapel stands in the grounds surrounded by trees, It has a hemispherical domed roof and could be mistaken for a classical garden building. The interior is beautiful, the font being positioned in a side alcove with light streaming in from clear windows and is simply and beautifully designed.

So this was the Chapel where the twins Victoria Caroline Busfeild and Albertine Sarah Busfeild were baptised with Queen Victoria and Prince Albert acting as their sponsors and where their Crispin aunts and uncles had been baptised before them. The Proxy godparents were Sir Edward and Lady Doughty and Mr and Mrs Edward Weld. The Queen and Prince presented to each child an engraved piece from their Godmother Victoria R and Godfather Albert, dated April 2nd 1846. Catholic children are usually baptised within days of their birth, but in order for the Queen and her Consort to be godparents letters had to be written and advisors consulted, which would have taken time and organisation.

There was obviously a close relationship with the Weld family as Benajamin Crispin born in 1804 bequeathed all his real and personal property to several trustees including, Joseph Weld and Reginald Weld which was to be distributed as per his instructions.

Graves in Lulworth The Crispin family grave is a fenced off grave containing two horizontal stones behind this large tree. It reads: In memory of Albertine Sarah Busfeild loved and youngest daughter of Captain Willliam Crispin RN and Caroline his wife. Albertine died on the 7th day of January 1860 aged 13 years and 11 months. Also to the memory of Captain Benjamin Crispin who died at West Lulworth on the 7th day of March 1830. Also Harriet, Susanna, Ellen and Joseph, children of the above and Elizabeth his eldest daughter who died on the 2nd day of April 1861.

The stone nearer the road reads: Beneath are the mortal remains of Caroline the wife of Commander William Crispin RN and daughter of the late Currer Fothergill Busfeild Esq of Cottingley Bridge, near Bingley Yorkshire and his wife Sarah, afterwards Ferrand of St Ives. William and Caroline were living at 10 Royal Crescent Melcombe Regis Weymouth when Caroline died.

The twins Victoria and Albertine were brought up by their aunt, Elizabeth (1799 - 1861) who never married and lived off her father's pension. The three other aunts were also unmarried: Mary Ann who died in West Lulworth in 1865, Jane who died in West Lulworth in 1868 and Sarah who died in Bristol in 1891.

Benjamin Hugh Crispin (1775-1836) Captain RN married Elizabeth White and they eventually settled in West Lulworth in about 1803 with three of their children:
Elizabeth (1799 - 1861) born Yarmouth Mary Ann (1800 - 1865) born Yarmouth Wiliam (1803 - 1865) born Portsea

Some further notes
Christening cup given to the baby Victoria by Qeen Victoria

Photograph supplied by - Michael Ferrand

Our picture shows the Christening present given to Victoria by Queen Victoria. The whereabouts of the Claret Jug given by Prince Albert to Albertine is not currently known.